About LissKiss

LissKiss is a fashion specialist in designer hosiery that aims to satisfy even the most discerning customers. We provide a wide range of tights, leggings, hold ups, footless and stocking that you will be eager to wear and draw those admiring stares.
From classical sheer and fishnets styles through modest patterns of bows, dots, seams and strips, that can be worn in any occasion, to an ultra-modern printed, tattoo, embedded and ripped that will buy you an entry to the most stylish night club. Whatever mood you are in today, you can be sure that you can find a product that will match it.
Our team makes sure that our ever increasing range follows the latest fashion threads.  Also, our attention to quality means your comfort is assured all day round.  We want you to feel unique and wear pieces that can’t be found anywhere else as you are unique to us! 
To empower your decisions, LissKiss arms you with a large set of high resolution images (at least 5), from all angles providing all elements in detail. We are proud of our images - taken by our professional photographers, modelled by professional models.

We can assure you that LissKiss stands up to your highest fashion demands. 
Fall in love with your legs again!