Wear nice short April 26 2016

It is that moment of the year when we are allowed to flaunt our legs, show them what you got through wearing a nice short. Wear something that will boost your ego, make you feel free and good to go. At LissKiss we have a variety of shorts that will not only make you stand out but also make you feel comfortable.

This summer wear flowered or plain short, don them well with matching shoes and shirts, this will not only make you the envy of many, heads will turn every time you are walking on the beach or on the streets.

Our shop offers a variety of shorts, when it comes to colors, sizes and types, you are spoilt for a choice. The prices also are unbeatable, no other stores rivals, we beat all the competitors, we combine quality and affordability, you are guaranteed to get something that will not only make you step out with confidence this summer but a short that will rhyme well with your skin color or perfectly match with your shoes and shirts.

With LissKiss, you will be the trend setter; you will lead while others follow on the matters of fashion, select from our collection. If you do not find what you are looking for, we are grand to take your order and provide exactly what you need. Shop from quality, affordable and latest shorts, from people who understand fashion.

How to dress for a wedding April 18 2016

Formerly we were warned never to wear red, black to white to a wedding, but today red and black are just fine. However, white is still the ultimate wedding no-no. The way you dress for a wedding should be guided by the hour, the season and the invitation. If you’re not very sure or at a loss, you can ask the bride or the maid of honor what’s right. If you can’t consult either of them, try to come up with a dressing that’s more casual, stay clear of anything that’s sequined or heavily beaded. Surely, you don’t want to be the center of attraction at someone else’s wedding.

A knee-length dress in a light material is 'ok', provided they have a formal or semi-formal fabric and cut; a silk blend or plain silk, for instance, is appropriate. In warmer regions or weather, open-toed shoes and strapless styles get the nod of approval. As for wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress in a house of worship, you need to check the protocol beforehand or bring a wrap. This is because some worship houses have strict rules about covering up.

If you have to wear a hat, then make it simple. If the invitation doesn’t specify dress, the rule of the thumb is to assume that the event is semi-formal. Go for an evening suit or a cocktail dress in a color that won’t upstage the bride – remember all attention should be on the bride; and she’s the only star that should shine at the wedding.

And if you have to attend a weeding, then roll through our products in white, cream and beige to find something to complete our perfect outfit!

Toe socks April 08 2016

Lets talk about toe socks today! Even though its getting warmer now, they are still a great fun to wear. Did you know that toe socks are also called fingersocks or glove socks. That's because they have been knitted in the way that each toe is individually encased like fingers within a glove. The original concept of toe socks comes from 1969 and may be attributed to Ethel Russell. Socks length itself varies from no-show to ankle socks, knee-high and over-knee socks and they are designed for both men and women. That is the good news for you guys ;)
Split toes give you freedom to wear them with different kinds of sandals and as well as for all barefoot activities like Pilates, yoga, and dance.
Scroll through LissKiss toe socks selection to find your perfect toe socks! :)

Feel more confident with fishnet tights July 14 2015

Should you want leg-wear to spring your look with that racy twist, you really can’t go wrong with LissKiss fishnet tights. They come in different colours: from elegant grey to intriguing indigo, and some styles even feature gold or silver thread for that final shiny touch.

Whilst still retaining an elegant edge and timeless chic design, they work seamlessly with cocktail dresses or your daily office wear. Whichever pair of fishnets you choose, you can dress them up or down thanks to their versatile look.

A pair of fishnets will always stand the test of time that's to their classic look.

LissKiss fishnet tights are a fantastic way of adding a sexy element to any of your outfits.

Summer time and the Leggings are easy July 07 2015

The most vibrant and statement-making leggings in your closet, a pair of bright eye-catching LissKiss Leggings is a must for the summer months.

LissKiss has wide and exciting range of leggings for the new season to suit every size, shape and occasion. 

If you need a pair of comfortable stylish leggings LissKiss has something to suit you. 

Check out our range of plain, colourful and crazy print leggings to refresh your wardrobe in an instant!

Perfect bodystockings June 02 2015

Perfect to wear at home or away to excite the man in your life.

The LissKiss range of beautiful body stockings are not just comfortable but attractive and erotic at the same time.

LissKiss body stockings have been designed to make you feel beautiful and make the man in your life want you even more than he already does

Let him undo the narrow strips of fabric that wrap your body as if it were a gift!

And if you're feeling really wild, do not miss our selection of body stockings that are available in sheer, fishnet or lace fabrics with your most erotic areas left bare.  

Browse the LissKiss online catalogue and let yourself be captured by our models on

Summer is on it's way May 22 2015

A LissKiss sarong is a perfect complement to your swimwear or bikini on the beach. It also helps us to sometimes hide our “Perfect Imperfections”. Sarong can be tied up around your neck or waist in many various ways. The choice of colours on offer at LissKiss is so great, that your biggest problem will be deciding how many to buy. Our LissKiss Sarong collection comes in a magnitude of colours and styles from  printed sculls, lips, camouflage, flags, animals, butterflies, tropical and floral  prints to vibrant colours from every spectrum of the rainbow.

St Patrick’s Day socks or wearing of the green May 07 2015

The socks are great protagonists of all seasons. If you want to give your look a different touch, with some colourful details, sensual and naughty or mischievous, you have to choose the right socks. We present all types of socks including footies, ankle high, knee high, over the knee, novelty and anything else you could imagine! Stripes, dots, birds, flowers, hearts and even shamrock socks for St Patrick’s Day celebration, the traditional date held on 17th March.

On St Patrick's Day it is customary to wear shamrocks and/or green clothing or accessories, people call it “wearing of the green". St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish and this story as its tradition goes back to 1726, though it may be even older. Go through our massive socks range and find your own Happy St.Patrics socks!

Opaque tights! April 23 2015

Here is our plain opaque tights indispensable in ladies drawers! Discover this fantastic collection of all colours: yellow tights, orange, red, pink, green, blue, purple ... Original colours, soft colours and pastels, neon tights, find all the colours of the rainbow! Bring a light touch to your outfits. Discover also our range of tights to the more sober colours: dark grey, plum, navy blue, white and of course the inevitable black opaque tights.

Our shop offers to enter you to the world filled with colours and lights. Treat yourself to opaque tights, have fun and dare to wear colours every day, surprise and share your taste for tights with your friends. Choose the colour that suits you, enjoy with!

Sensual underwear! March 27 2015

LissKiss online shop offers a wide choice of wonderful models of ladies briefs, classic or sports, elegant or sexy, thanks to colours and patterns. Any woman can find a model that fits her taste and her own silhouette as the modern briefs have the ability to enhance the body to make it look perfect!

After the traditional briefs, the most popular are definitely the thongs, leaving the buttocks exposed, and this is why they are invisible under clothing.

In addition to the sensual thongs, shorts also are conquering modern women. They look like shorts but with those elegant intimate finishing touches.

The colour palette ranges from classic black, grey and timeless white to bright red, yellow or blue to the delicate pink, purple or green.

Start your virtual shopping tour with now and enjoy!

LissKiss Spring 2015 Collection! March 17 2015

The new collection of socks from LissKiss will lead you to discover a world of colours and patterns to define your own image. Offering a wide selection of styles, which will give your outfit the elegance and individuality to compliment you own personal taste. You can rock out with different patterns, colours and fabrics creating your personal look.

Always fashionable with cutting edge design, all our socks are made from a range of soft and silky lightweight breathable fabrics to ensure your utmost comfort at all times. LissKiss designs include, Parisians, socks that come just above the knee, perfect to wear over tights, with a mini-dress, skirt or shorts for a casual look and vibrant feel. Timeless stockings, the true symbol, of sex appeal, men love them, but they also love women because they give off femininity and charm.

The LissKiss collection also includes knee socks, warm and comfortable but still stylish for those cold wintry days. Besides the classic colours and patterns, you will find printed fabrics, traditional lace in geometric patterns, and various floral designs.

Fun and cheerful to wear with boots, sneakers, pumps or heels, discover the new and extensive collection of socks for women online at

International Woman’s Day March 04 2015

For the perfect Ladies Day gift for that very special Woman in your life. Visit to find the gift that shows she is still the one and only in your life.

Our beautiful range of sexy and erotic lingerie is the perfect gift for both of you to enjoy on that special night.

Ladies why not treat yourself to a little something that will make you feel extra special on our day, International Woman’s Day because you’re worth it!

Valentine’s Day Gifts February 13 2015

For the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that very special Lady in your life. Visit to find the gift that will melt her heart and show that you still think she is as beautiful and sexy as the first day you met.

Our beautiful range of sexy and erotic lingerie is the perfect gift for both of you to enjoy on Valentine’s night and every special night to come.

Whether you want a raunchy red baby doll, classic black stockings and suspenders or the sexiest body stockings that leaves little to the imagination, you will find exactly what you need to add that extra little spice to bedroom pleasure at LissKiss.

Valentine’s Day February 08 2015

The perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day as exclusive, delicate, elegant, tights with hearts, these gifts last much longer than flowers or chocolate.
There are different models, vintage tights with traditional London, Heart, Big Ben, Tower Bridge. Sexy Tights slightly shimmering smoothly touch for gorgeous ladies and beloved ones.

Infinity scarf or how we called it snood November 28 2014

One of the best ways to keep your entire body warm and toasty is to cover your neck properly. And the most various of all accessories - scarves are the simple way to give an ordinary outfit new life. Today fashion industry has expected  to mix the words ''scarf'' and ''hood'' to describe pipy apparel that called snood, can be ruffled around the neck to give added protection against chilly, windy and cold weather. The snood infinity scarf that look like a skinny cycle tyre. It's made just long enough to can be doubled up around your neck to make a real snugly fit. Refresh your new-season wardrobe by adding our striking LissKiss scarves or snoods.


Bodystockings November 11 2014

Bodystocking is like skin-tight wear, that covers your body, legs and sometimes arms. It is an article of lingerie, usually made from a sheer fabric or from fishnet, lace or dense opaque material. It is similar fabric that is used for stocking or pantyhose. Bodystocking may be worn as a performance costume, as undergarment by belly or exotic dancers or worn in a role play games with your partner. LissKiss would love to share with you, our variety of sexiest bodystockings for your choice.

Argyle pattern November 05 2014

Originally argyle pattern came from western Scotland, the pattern derived from the tartan, used for kilts and plaids, and from the patterned socks worn by Scottish Highlanders since at least the 17th century.

These knitting patter shaped like diamonds or lozenges and made from vowing material with two or more colours and overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds. Argyle knitwear became fashionable in Great Britain and then the USA after the first world war and nowadays its becoming  even more popular, especially over the knee socks . In our LissKiss online store you can find a lot of argyle over the knee socks for your desire. Enjoy it and stay with us :)

Black leggings October 23 2014

The most comfy thing in wardrobe is black leggings. Now almost every woman has them in her wardrobe. Leggings is the alternative to tights, rather than pants. These are very useful apparel, you can mix it with every clothes, probably worn them under dresses, with cute tonic tops, tucked into boots and etc. And the most interesting thing, LissKiss's black leggings have so many styles and pattern for your choice. Enjoy your online shopping and stay with us ;)

Nice and flirty October 14 2014

The weather is getting cold and new season brings different changes in everyone's life, especially - woman's wardrobe. You might have shopped coats, jackets, sweater dresses, boots and other warm essentials, but what about intimate section of wardrobe? It also needs some hot additions. So get ready to add one of the sexiest and hottest item - Babydolls. Babydolls are perfect to get a new look at night. These are nice and flirty dresses updates intimate wardrobe in one of the best possible ways, so wear it for a pleasure of felling sexy.  LissKiss would love to introduce our extensive and exciting range of Babydoll lingerie for your choice. 


Knee highs & over the knee socks October 07 2014

Knee highs are hosiery that cover your legs up to the knee when over the knee socks are going up all the way over your knees. These are fashion accessory for a casual and classic cool or warm weather apparel. Knee highs and over the knee socks became popular during the 1960s and 1970s . They are sexy and cute at the same time. You can create many amazing looks with them: like a schoolgirl (with mini skirts or shirts), student outlook (with a fancy dress), skinny look (with skinny jeans), sweater dress look (with long equestrian boots),  leggings and layering look (especially in the colder months) and etc.

LissKiss would love to show you our best range of over knee socks in a huge range of various colours for your choice.



Halloween is coming... September 30 2014

Halloween is nearly here. Have you already chosen your party outfit: wicked, blood doctor or skeleton ?! :)  You can find fancy, sexy and another interesting LissKiss accessories in our large Halloween collection. Dress your legs with our range of Halloween tights, leggings and socks, which are perfect for completing your Halloween look. Be creativity and stay with us ;)



Totally 70s September 22 2014

Leg warmers were totally 70s, they were worn by teenage girls, but went out of style by the late 1980s. They were originally used as dance-wear by ballet and other classic dancers in order to keep the leg muscles warm and to prevent cramping or other muscle injuries.  Leg warmers returned in the early twenty-first century, being inspired by Japanese cartoons, so popular in the West. They became fashionable for the street wear and you can wear them with flats and tights or pumps, also you may wear them with a skirt or with a dress, over jeans, above your calf-high boots or on top of your ankle boots. All you need, are a pair of  leg warmers and a little creativity.  LissKiss would love to show you different styles of our Leg Warmers.


Skull Trend September 13 2014

Who knew, that pirates of yore would be the trendsetter of today, with their black and white skull and crossbones flag? These were not only pirates marketing, cause the skull fashion trend once again made a huge comeback! Alexander McQueen, one of the brilliant designers of our days, made the skull his trademark. Skull can be worth in a variety of ways from a totally Goth look to a classic outfit with the slightest touch of grunge. In fact, many are still wearing items bearing skulls, but how are you rocking it in this season? LissKiss would love to show you its wide choice of accessories with skulls.



It is getting colder... August 29 2014

Hey, everybody! The summer is ending. Three more days before autumn comes. Have you already prepare your warm clothes?! Don't be sad, new day - new look. LissKiss would love to show you our new range of gloves in different styles. Gloves may appear to be a "guiltless" article of dress. Nowadays, like in the past, they were worn as fashion accessory.  Gloves that cover the entire hand but don't have separate finger openings are called mittens. Gloves and mittens protect and comfort your hands against the cold. In this cold weather, you have more options to make your outfit interesting and brighter.



Indian shawl August 20 2014

Pashmina - the traditional name of the very finest grade special wool fabric. The first Pashmina came to Europe after the conquest of Egypt by Napoleon. A legend says, that the future emperor was fascinated by the wonderful shawl (scarf) and presented it to his wife Josephine. Josephine loved so magnificent Indian shawl, that soon in her collection appeared lots of various colours of Pashmina shawls. Since that time, Indian scarves took the place in the wardrobe, of every woman all over Europe. At LissKiss you can find many styles of gorgeous Pashmina scarves.


Flawless white August 13 2014

White is recognized as the most ancient colour. This word has Indo-European root "bra", that means "shine". Definitely, this simple but on the other hand magnificent colour is associated with something bright. As an opposed to black, white has a positive connotation. Mostly, white shades symbolized innocence, light and goodness. It is totally the ultimate in purity and cleanliness personified, this is why traditionally fiancée (bride) should be dressed in white. We would love to show you our lovely, unusual LissKiss accessories in white, which you can wear as wedding or your everyday outfit.


All time glamorous black August 06 2014

When did black begin to be considered fashionable wear? For hours and hours we can discuss about role of the black colour in woman's wardrobe. Someone thinks that it's gloomy and bleak, other's - interesting, deep and rich. We can follow two distinct channels. One of them flowed through the beatnik and artsy-academic circles, but the first one came from the fashion houses of Paris and London and was directed at the fashion elites - the glamorous, rich and chic. Just with our multiple LissKiss accessories and Coco Channel's revolutionary "Little Black Dress" u can make your outfit elegant, graceful and stylish :)




"Not clothed, not naked..." July 28 2014

No one exactly knows where and how fishnet stockings originated. There is even talk that fishnets were found in Aesop's fable, The Clever Peasant's Daughter (a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm). In the story, the girl is told to come "not clothed, not naked..." and so wraps herself in fishnet. But what can we know in history, is that fishnets came to America in 1908, from city of fashion - Paris, France. We would love to introduce our unusual LissKiss fishnet products.


Summer splash! July 22 2014

Make your outfit fresh and bright with our yummy & juicy LissKiss tights (:

Lurex, crystal and openwork. July 14 2014

Tights with lurex, crystal and openwork were in the fashion industry since many decades ago. But as we know, at that time, women had to wear only modest, long dresses. That was a dress code of that time. Luckily, the fashion is always changing! As ladies began to wear something shorter and started showing their beautiful legs, tights designs started to develop, to help them showing off. And we would like to show off too! Look at our wide choice of LissKiss tights with lots of various designs.



Ombre July 08 2014

It is not a secret, that we love adding colours and shades to everything, especially when its involving the famous Ombre technique. You can see the Ombre touch on jeans, shirts, t-shirts and even girls nails and hairs. Now, we would love to present our new Ombre Tights. Play in that unusual palette game!

One more interesting LissKiss look from our fan Melina! June 30 2014

We are please to see how our new fan Melina DeSantiago creates another amazing look with our LissKiss tights :)

(The pictures are from Melina's LookBook page)

Stockings and hold ups :) June 20 2014

Women choice nowadays is spoiled by those stockings and hold ups that are not only comfortable, but also delicately beautiful. Stripes versus dots; flowers versus geometrical prints - a diverse world of patterns. At LissKiss you can find many styles of stocking and hold ups that will take your breath away! And not only yours ;)


Strips! Strips! Strips! June 13 2014

Year by year the stripe style, despite it is versatility. Stripe pattern will never loose it's avant-garde intricacy and contemporary complexity, especially strip pants or leggings. With any of your tops and accessories you can make your outfit stand out and make it look classical, casual or create even an evening attire.  


Fashion Geometry ! June 10 2014

Nowadays, the most popular style for our famous designers is geometry print style. Complex triangular, square and striped tracery captured all Europe, and gave a new life for this retro print. We are pleased to show you all our products in this style.


Small Things, Can Make Your Look Brighter ! May 29 2014

At the first place, you need to dress up for yourself. It's not just about to look, but also to feel comfortable. Nowadays, we are being presented with a massive choice of clothing. In this case, let us draw your attention to the socks. Yes, this is what we mean, Socks!:) Now you can assign them to the type of accessories, and choose not only by colour, but also by pattern, size and style.

Enjoy our large selection of new products and see if you can find something to your liking.

Garter Leg Wraps! May 21 2014

Back in old days, mostly dancers and clubbers used to wear Garter Leg Wraps, but nowadays they are becoming stylish accessories to almost anything in your wardrobe. Just look at those amazing lase boots that Rita Ora is wearing. Anyone can recreate that stunning outfit and you can improvise even beyond that, with our 
Gold Metallic Leg Wrap


One more LissKiss look from our fan Anita! May 11 2014

We are please to see how our new fan creates another great look with our 'Small Polka Dots And Rounded Trim Top, White Socks Ankle High 15 Den'. Well done Anita! :)
 (The picture is from Anita's fashion-attacks blog)

LissKiss Shop is Online now! December 05 2013

Dear LissKiss fans! We have this exciting present for you all, tight before coming Christmas, you can shop now from your favourite LissKiss online shop!

Smoky Snake Skin Leggings November 14 2013

Aren’t they beautiful? These superior quality leggings stretch perfectly well to wrap your skin tight like a snakes skin. They come in smoky gold and silver with gloss snake texture over a smoky marble like paten. If you feel like wearing something less Halloweeny but yet original and mysterious.

Gold Snake Skin LeggingsSilver Snake Skin Leggings

LissKiss fan Marisa Canela October 24 2013

LissKiss is pleased to see how one of our fashionista fan Marisa carefully crafted her extravagant London look with LissKiss tights - ”London Taxi Vintage”.

Marisa wearing LissKiss tights - London Taxi VintageMarisa wearing LissKiss tights - London Taxi Vintage

   (All pictures are from Marisa’s MeryLou Cinnamon blog)

Gold, silver and black wood texture leggings October 24 2013

We are proud to introduce  you these leggings that are made of fabric which texture resembles a wood texture. The gold and silver shines more on the black base which makes the texture even richer and shinier.

Wood Texture Gold Leggings Wood Texture Silver Leggings Wood Texture Black  Leggings

Comics Girls Vintage Tights and Footless Tights October 24 2013

These Comics Girls Vintage tights are your favourite and we understand why you like them so much. They are an art work themselves, like one of those paintings of a famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein that described his comic book style as industrial painting. Comics Girl Vintage Tights shows urban comics printed on nude hosiery to give them that vintage look as well as to blend in with the colour of your skin. We also created their summer version – footless tights. You can wear them as your bold fashion statement or a reference to a piece of art, all depends on how you pair them with the rest of your outfit. With these pantyhose you can be as creative as you like.

Comics Girls Vintage TightsComics Girls Vintage Footless Tights

Hold Ups for Summer October 24 2013

With the hot summer following us everywhere you feel like wearing something very light and breathable. Here is our favourite Hold Ups that we think is just perfect as you can wear them with any sandals or flip flops as they are footless! Having few silicon lines running inside secures them to stay perfectly up on your legs without falling or rolling down. The ability to stay up makes them a more preferable option over Stockings which always require a suspender belt. Lightweight, breathable with the open foot  - this is exactly what you would expect from your summer Hold Ups or Stay Ups.


Sexy Footless Hold Ups for SummerSexy Footless Hold Ups for SummerSexy Footless Hold Ups for Summer

Lace Tights for Summer October 24 2013

When you feel hot but you still like or have to wear some tights, the lace tights is always a great escape of summer heat as they let your skin breath and provide more intricate lace designs than any other plain or printed tights. Lace lets you look hot without feeling boiling hot. And with footless you can wear your favourite flip flops. And here is our favourite geometrical ‘French Lace Mix’ pair!

French Lace Mix Fishnet FootlessFrench Lace Mix Fishnet Footless

French Lace Mix FishnetFrench Lace Mix Fishnet

More Neons! October 24 2013

Finally the nice sunny weather arrived! And here are some of our Neons that you can take with you on holidays and to wrap them around your tanned skin. Fluorescent colours are perfect to highlight that lovely tan you are working on. You can wear them as beach sarongs or as scarves or just tie them up to your straw bag to let the wind play with them. When you feel chilly in the evening, sitting in one of those beach night bars, just wrap them around your shoulders and they will keep you warm. Without adding any weight to your handbag those oversized scarves can be very handy and they dry up very quickly in case you take them with you to the swim :) So take them with you anywhere you go!

Fluorescent Pink Crosses On Sand White Unisex Scarf & Beach SarongFluorescent GreenFluorescent Orange Crosses On Beige Unisex Scarf & Beach Sarong

Happy Neon Friday! October 24 2013

Have you noticed how trendy those neons are becoming?! And here is our little family of seamless Fluorescent Snoods that have no seam, so they will never feel scratchy on your neck. Also they are very soft and those Fluorescent colours can be matched with your neon nail polish, hair extensions, your favourite piece from the wardrobe or aNeoning else you can only think of! They are very long, so you can wrap them around in 2 loops or 3 loops or leave as one long loop, which will resemble French style.

Fluorescent Pink Two Or Three Loops SnoodFluorescent Orange Two Or Three Loops SnoodFluorescent Green Two Or Three Loops Snood

Ombre Collection October 24 2013

We are happy to introduce our new and fabulous Ombré (\äm-brā\) collection. Ombré in French means – shaded, having colours or tones that shade or graduate into each other from light to dark tones. We just love that technique on fabrics. What about you?

 Damask Pink & Asparagus OmbreGrey & Black Double Layered Chiffon OmbreRed & Black  Ombre

Lilac & Purple Double Layered Chiffon OmbreElectric Blue, Purple & Blue Double Layered Chiffon OmbreYellow, Berry Red & Purple Double Layered Chiffon Ombre

Double Layered Pink & Green Chiffon OmbreDamask & Watermelon Pink Double Layered Chiffon OmbreBlue & Yellow Double Layered Chiffon Ombre