How to dress for a wedding April 18 2016

Formerly we were warned never to wear red, black to white to a wedding, but today red and black are just fine. However, white is still the ultimate wedding no-no. The way you dress for a wedding should be guided by the hour, the season and the invitation. If you’re not very sure or at a loss, you can ask the bride or the maid of honor what’s right. If you can’t consult either of them, try to come up with a dressing that’s more casual, stay clear of anything that’s sequined or heavily beaded. Surely, you don’t want to be the center of attraction at someone else’s wedding.

A knee-length dress in a light material is 'ok', provided they have a formal or semi-formal fabric and cut; a silk blend or plain silk, for instance, is appropriate. In warmer regions or weather, open-toed shoes and strapless styles get the nod of approval. As for wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress in a house of worship, you need to check the protocol beforehand or bring a wrap. This is because some worship houses have strict rules about covering up.

If you have to wear a hat, then make it simple. If the invitation doesn’t specify dress, the rule of the thumb is to assume that the event is semi-formal. Go for an evening suit or a cocktail dress in a color that won’t upstage the bride – remember all attention should be on the bride; and she’s the only star that should shine at the wedding.

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Feel more confident with fishnet tights July 14 2015

Should you want leg-wear to spring your look with that racy twist, you really can’t go wrong with LissKiss fishnet tights. They come in different colours: from elegant grey to intriguing indigo, and some styles even feature gold or silver thread for that final shiny touch.

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Summer time and the Leggings are easy July 07 2015

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Perfect bodystockings June 02 2015

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Lace Tights for Summer October 24 2013

When you feel hot but you still like or have to wear some tights, the lace tights is always a great escape of summer heat as they let your skin breath and provide more intricate lace designs than any other plain or printed tights. Lace lets you look hot without feeling boiling hot. And with footless you can wear your favourite flip flops. And here is our favourite geometrical ‘French Lace Mix’ pair!

French Lace Mix Fishnet FootlessFrench Lace Mix Fishnet Footless

French Lace Mix FishnetFrench Lace Mix Fishnet