Toe socks April 08 2016

Lets talk about toe socks today! Even though its getting warmer now, they are still a great fun to wear. Did you know that toe socks are also called fingersocks or glove socks. That's because they have been knitted in the way that each toe is individually encased like fingers within a glove. The original concept of toe socks comes from 1969 and may be attributed to Ethel Russell. Socks length itself varies from no-show to ankle socks, knee-high and over-knee socks and they are designed for both men and women. That is the good news for you guys ;)
Split toes give you freedom to wear them with different kinds of sandals and as well as for all barefoot activities like Pilates, yoga, and dance.
Scroll through LissKiss toe socks selection to find your perfect toe socks! :)

St Patrick’s Day socks or wearing of the green May 07 2015

The socks are great protagonists of all seasons. If you want to give your look a different touch, with some colourful details, sensual and naughty or mischievous, you have to choose the right socks. We present all types of socks including footies, ankle high, knee high, over the knee, novelty and anything else you could imagine! Stripes, dots, birds, flowers, hearts and even shamrock socks for St Patrick’s Day celebration, the traditional date held on 17th March.

On St Patrick's Day it is customary to wear shamrocks and/or green clothing or accessories, people call it “wearing of the green". St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish and this story as its tradition goes back to 1726, though it may be even older. Go through our massive socks range and find your own Happy St.Patrics socks!

LissKiss Spring 2015 Collection! March 17 2015

The new collection of socks from LissKiss will lead you to discover a world of colours and patterns to define your own image. Offering a wide selection of styles, which will give your outfit the elegance and individuality to compliment you own personal taste. You can rock out with different patterns, colours and fabrics creating your personal look.

Always fashionable with cutting edge design, all our socks are made from a range of soft and silky lightweight breathable fabrics to ensure your utmost comfort at all times. LissKiss designs include, Parisians, socks that come just above the knee, perfect to wear over tights, with a mini-dress, skirt or shorts for a casual look and vibrant feel. Timeless stockings, the true symbol, of sex appeal, men love them, but they also love women because they give off femininity and charm.

The LissKiss collection also includes knee socks, warm and comfortable but still stylish for those cold wintry days. Besides the classic colours and patterns, you will find printed fabrics, traditional lace in geometric patterns, and various floral designs.

Fun and cheerful to wear with boots, sneakers, pumps or heels, discover the new and extensive collection of socks for women online at

Valentine’s Day February 08 2015

The perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day as exclusive, delicate, elegant, tights with hearts, these gifts last much longer than flowers or chocolate.
There are different models, vintage tights with traditional London, Heart, Big Ben, Tower Bridge. Sexy Tights slightly shimmering smoothly touch for gorgeous ladies and beloved ones.

Small Things, Can Make Your Look Brighter ! May 29 2014

At the first place, you need to dress up for yourself. It's not just about to look, but also to feel comfortable. Nowadays, we are being presented with a massive choice of clothing. In this case, let us draw your attention to the socks. Yes, this is what we mean, Socks!:) Now you can assign them to the type of accessories, and choose not only by colour, but also by pattern, size and style.

Enjoy our large selection of new products and see if you can find something to your liking.

One more LissKiss look from our fan Anita! May 11 2014

We are please to see how our new fan creates another great look with our 'Small Polka Dots And Rounded Trim Top, White Socks Ankle High 15 Den'. Well done Anita! :)
 (The picture is from Anita's fashion-attacks blog)