Ombre July 08 2014

It is not a secret, that we love adding colours and shades to everything, especially when its involving the famous Ombre technique. You can see the Ombre touch on jeans, shirts, t-shirts and even girls nails and hairs. Now, we would love to present our new Ombre Tights. Play in that unusual palette game!

Ombre Collection October 24 2013

We are happy to introduce our new and fabulous Ombré (\äm-brā\) collection. Ombré in French means – shaded, having colours or tones that shade or graduate into each other from light to dark tones. We just love that technique on fabrics. What about you?

 Damask Pink & Asparagus OmbreGrey & Black Double Layered Chiffon OmbreRed & Black  Ombre

Lilac & Purple Double Layered Chiffon OmbreElectric Blue, Purple & Blue Double Layered Chiffon OmbreYellow, Berry Red & Purple Double Layered Chiffon Ombre

Double Layered Pink & Green Chiffon OmbreDamask & Watermelon Pink Double Layered Chiffon OmbreBlue & Yellow Double Layered Chiffon Ombre