How to dress for a wedding April 18 2016

Formerly we were warned never to wear red, black to white to a wedding, but today red and black are just fine. However, white is still the ultimate wedding no-no. The way you dress for a wedding should be guided by the hour, the season and the invitation. If you’re not very sure or at a loss, you can ask the bride or the maid of honor what’s right. If you can’t consult either of them, try to come up with a dressing that’s more casual, stay clear of anything that’s sequined or heavily beaded. Surely, you don’t want to be the center of attraction at someone else’s wedding.

A knee-length dress in a light material is 'ok', provided they have a formal or semi-formal fabric and cut; a silk blend or plain silk, for instance, is appropriate. In warmer regions or weather, open-toed shoes and strapless styles get the nod of approval. As for wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress in a house of worship, you need to check the protocol beforehand or bring a wrap. This is because some worship houses have strict rules about covering up.

If you have to wear a hat, then make it simple. If the invitation doesn’t specify dress, the rule of the thumb is to assume that the event is semi-formal. Go for an evening suit or a cocktail dress in a color that won’t upstage the bride – remember all attention should be on the bride; and she’s the only star that should shine at the wedding.

And if you have to attend a weeding, then roll through our products in white, cream and beige to find something to complete our perfect outfit!

Feel more confident with fishnet tights July 14 2015

Should you want leg-wear to spring your look with that racy twist, you really can’t go wrong with LissKiss fishnet tights. They come in different colours: from elegant grey to intriguing indigo, and some styles even feature gold or silver thread for that final shiny touch.

Whilst still retaining an elegant edge and timeless chic design, they work seamlessly with cocktail dresses or your daily office wear. Whichever pair of fishnets you choose, you can dress them up or down thanks to their versatile look.

A pair of fishnets will always stand the test of time that's to their classic look.

LissKiss fishnet tights are a fantastic way of adding a sexy element to any of your outfits.

Opaque tights! April 23 2015

Here is our plain opaque tights indispensable in ladies drawers! Discover this fantastic collection of all colours: yellow tights, orange, red, pink, green, blue, purple ... Original colours, soft colours and pastels, neon tights, find all the colours of the rainbow! Bring a light touch to your outfits. Discover also our range of tights to the more sober colours: dark grey, plum, navy blue, white and of course the inevitable black opaque tights.

Our shop offers to enter you to the world filled with colours and lights. Treat yourself to opaque tights, have fun and dare to wear colours every day, surprise and share your taste for tights with your friends. Choose the colour that suits you, enjoy with!

International Woman’s Day March 04 2015

For the perfect Ladies Day gift for that very special Woman in your life. Visit to find the gift that shows she is still the one and only in your life.

Our beautiful range of sexy and erotic lingerie is the perfect gift for both of you to enjoy on that special night.

Ladies why not treat yourself to a little something that will make you feel extra special on our day, International Woman’s Day because you’re worth it!

Valentine’s Day February 08 2015

The perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day as exclusive, delicate, elegant, tights with hearts, these gifts last much longer than flowers or chocolate.
There are different models, vintage tights with traditional London, Heart, Big Ben, Tower Bridge. Sexy Tights slightly shimmering smoothly touch for gorgeous ladies and beloved ones.

"Not clothed, not naked..." July 28 2014

No one exactly knows where and how fishnet stockings originated. There is even talk that fishnets were found in Aesop's fable, The Clever Peasant's Daughter (a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm). In the story, the girl is told to come "not clothed, not naked..." and so wraps herself in fishnet. But what can we know in history, is that fishnets came to America in 1908, from city of fashion - Paris, France. We would love to introduce our unusual LissKiss fishnet products.


Summer splash! July 22 2014

Make your outfit fresh and bright with our yummy & juicy LissKiss tights (:

Lurex, crystal and openwork. July 14 2014

Tights with lurex, crystal and openwork were in the fashion industry since many decades ago. But as we know, at that time, women had to wear only modest, long dresses. That was a dress code of that time. Luckily, the fashion is always changing! As ladies began to wear something shorter and started showing their beautiful legs, tights designs started to develop, to help them showing off. And we would like to show off too! Look at our wide choice of LissKiss tights with lots of various designs.



Ombre July 08 2014

It is not a secret, that we love adding colours and shades to everything, especially when its involving the famous Ombre technique. You can see the Ombre touch on jeans, shirts, t-shirts and even girls nails and hairs. Now, we would love to present our new Ombre Tights. Play in that unusual palette game!

One more interesting LissKiss look from our fan Melina! June 30 2014

We are please to see how our new fan Melina DeSantiago creates another amazing look with our LissKiss tights :)

(The pictures are from Melina's LookBook page)

LissKiss fan Marisa Canela October 24 2013

LissKiss is pleased to see how one of our fashionista fan Marisa carefully crafted her extravagant London look with LissKiss tights - ”London Taxi Vintage”.

Marisa wearing LissKiss tights - London Taxi VintageMarisa wearing LissKiss tights - London Taxi Vintage

   (All pictures are from Marisa’s MeryLou Cinnamon blog)

Comics Girls Vintage Tights and Footless Tights October 24 2013

These Comics Girls Vintage tights are your favourite and we understand why you like them so much. They are an art work themselves, like one of those paintings of a famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein that described his comic book style as industrial painting. Comics Girl Vintage Tights shows urban comics printed on nude hosiery to give them that vintage look as well as to blend in with the colour of your skin. We also created their summer version – footless tights. You can wear them as your bold fashion statement or a reference to a piece of art, all depends on how you pair them with the rest of your outfit. With these pantyhose you can be as creative as you like.

Comics Girls Vintage TightsComics Girls Vintage Footless Tights

Lace Tights for Summer October 24 2013

When you feel hot but you still like or have to wear some tights, the lace tights is always a great escape of summer heat as they let your skin breath and provide more intricate lace designs than any other plain or printed tights. Lace lets you look hot without feeling boiling hot. And with footless you can wear your favourite flip flops. And here is our favourite geometrical ‘French Lace Mix’ pair!

French Lace Mix Fishnet FootlessFrench Lace Mix Fishnet Footless

French Lace Mix FishnetFrench Lace Mix Fishnet

Summer Trio Footless Tights October 07 2013

Having this trio of colourful footless tights will make you feel lightweight, bright and summery!
You can show your tanned feet and wear your favourite flip flops without any troubles. These footless tights are so bright and vibrant, they can easily complement any of your summer top.
Be colourful

Bright Yellow Plain Luxury Quality 80 Denier FootlessBright Orange Plain Luxury Quality 80 Denier FootlessBright Green Plain Luxury Quality 80 Denier Footless