How to dress for a wedding April 18 2016

Formerly we were warned never to wear red, black to white to a wedding, but today red and black are just fine. However, white is still the ultimate wedding no-no. The way you dress for a wedding should be guided by the hour, the season and the invitation. If you’re not very sure or at a loss, you can ask the bride or the maid of honor what’s right. If you can’t consult either of them, try to come up with a dressing that’s more casual, stay clear of anything that’s sequined or heavily beaded. Surely, you don’t want to be the center of attraction at someone else’s wedding.

A knee-length dress in a light material is 'ok', provided they have a formal or semi-formal fabric and cut; a silk blend or plain silk, for instance, is appropriate. In warmer regions or weather, open-toed shoes and strapless styles get the nod of approval. As for wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress in a house of worship, you need to check the protocol beforehand or bring a wrap. This is because some worship houses have strict rules about covering up.

If you have to wear a hat, then make it simple. If the invitation doesn’t specify dress, the rule of the thumb is to assume that the event is semi-formal. Go for an evening suit or a cocktail dress in a color that won’t upstage the bride – remember all attention should be on the bride; and she’s the only star that should shine at the wedding.

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