Opaque tights! April 23 2015

Here is our plain opaque tights indispensable in ladies drawers! Discover this fantastic collection of all colours: yellow tights, orange, red, pink, green, blue, purple ... Original colours, soft colours and pastels, neon tights, find all the colours of the rainbow! Bring a light touch to your outfits. Discover also our range of tights to the more sober colours: dark grey, plum, navy blue, white and of course the inevitable black opaque tights.

Our shop offers to enter you to the world filled with colours and lights. Treat yourself to opaque tights, have fun and dare to wear colours every day, surprise and share your taste for tights with your friends. Choose the colour that suits you, enjoy with!

LissKiss Spring 2015 Collection! March 17 2015

The new collection of socks from LissKiss will lead you to discover a world of colours and patterns to define your own image. Offering a wide selection of styles, which will give your outfit the elegance and individuality to compliment you own personal taste. You can rock out with different patterns, colours and fabrics creating your personal look.

Always fashionable with cutting edge design, all our socks are made from a range of soft and silky lightweight breathable fabrics to ensure your utmost comfort at all times. LissKiss designs include, Parisians, socks that come just above the knee, perfect to wear over tights, with a mini-dress, skirt or shorts for a casual look and vibrant feel. Timeless stockings, the true symbol, of sex appeal, men love them, but they also love women because they give off femininity and charm.

The LissKiss collection also includes knee socks, warm and comfortable but still stylish for those cold wintry days. Besides the classic colours and patterns, you will find printed fabrics, traditional lace in geometric patterns, and various floral designs.

Fun and cheerful to wear with boots, sneakers, pumps or heels, discover the new and extensive collection of socks for women online at

Ombre Collection October 24 2013

We are happy to introduce our new and fabulous Ombré (\äm-brā\) collection. Ombré in French means – shaded, having colours or tones that shade or graduate into each other from light to dark tones. We just love that technique on fabrics. What about you?

 Damask Pink & Asparagus OmbreGrey & Black Double Layered Chiffon OmbreRed & Black  Ombre

Lilac & Purple Double Layered Chiffon OmbreElectric Blue, Purple & Blue Double Layered Chiffon OmbreYellow, Berry Red & Purple Double Layered Chiffon Ombre

Double Layered Pink & Green Chiffon OmbreDamask & Watermelon Pink Double Layered Chiffon OmbreBlue & Yellow Double Layered Chiffon Ombre